The ULTRA ML 900 3D is the world's only single-headed industrial cookie depositor that can form confectionery products in 3D, imitating movements of the human hand. The ULTRA ML 900 3D works not only in the 3D mode, but it also has all other functions that are offered by confectionery machines produced by other manufacturers, and standard functions offered by an earlier model from our range, the ULTRA ML 900 machine. The uniqueness and versatility of our device consists not only in its precision but, above all, in that it gives our customers the ability of recreating movements of the human hand that have never previously been seen, and, at the same time, of customizing their own confectionery products in a manner not available in industrial production before. With the ULTRA ML 900 3D confectionery machine, you can produce logo-shaped cookies, geometric figures  and designs impossible to produce without recreating movements of the human hand.


With our machine, heart-shaped cookies with a built-up base, basket-shaped cookies, Easter bunnies, or Christmas snowmen do not have to be hand-made! With this machine, every shape, which is within the working parameters of the table of the ULTRA ML 900 3D cookie depositor, can be turned into a sweet confectionery product. Below, there are example photographs of confectionery products made in the 3D mode.



 The ULTRA ML 900 3D is a  machine which has defined a new era in industrial confectionery production. This very machine was presented in  2016  as the first cookie depositor in the world that can operate not only in the standard mode of an automatic confectionery machine, but also in 3D, making it possible to emulate the confectioner's hand.


It is important to note that the ULTRA ML 900 3D cookie machine, apart from customized designs, also makes all those products that are possible with the standard mode of cookie depositors offered by other manufacturers. Our machine has been designed to offer more, without limiting the assortment of the confectionery products, since we know that  cookies produced in the standard mode are also a very important part of the confectionery market.


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Below, there are example photographs of products made in the standard mode.

bakery equipment B12.png

bakery equipment B11.pngbakery equipment B25.png

bakery equipment B31.pngbakery equipment B20.png

bakery equipment B02.pngbakery equipment B35.png


bakery equipment B26.png

bakery equipment  cookie made by one headed cookie machine in one cycle.png


bakery equipment B15.png

 bakery equipment B13_0.png

bakery equipment B19_0.pngbakery equipment B17_0.png



* Note: Decorating with marmalade applied manually, or in the second cycle, after changing the head

The ULTRA ML 900 3D is equipped with a single dough head, the  technology of which provides a high level of tightness at work with semi-liquid doughs, or in the production of meringues. The ULTRA ML 900 3D cookie depositor also gives excellent results in  production from short pastry, choux pastry, and also soft gingerbread pastry. Furthermore, it is possible to additionally equip the machine with an additional pump head for decorating cookies with jam during the second production cycle*, or for the production of meringues from 100% natural meringue dough. In most cases, however, this is an unnecessary expense because the dough head is very universal and adaptable.


In its standard form, the ULTRA ML 900 3D cookie depositor has a rotational die, a full set of plastic cookie extrusion nozzles, a set of brass nozzles agreed with the client, a set of dies, including one  for pouring sponge cake bases, and a wire cutting mechanism along with a chosen wire cutting strip.


The flexibility and longevity of the basically equipped, standard ULTRA ML 900 3D cookie depositor guarantees that should clients decide to change their product designs in future, no additional expense would be necessary. The offer price includes a kit which, in our opinion, will enable completely autonomous use by customers for many years.


When you purchase an ULTRA ML 900 3D or any another machine from our range, you receive all the necessary production kit to ensure full freedom in composing your cookie offer throughout the whole service life of the machine, and not just in the first few years after purchase.

In addition, with the ULTRA ML 900 3D cookie depositor, it is possible to make simple cookie decorations. Sample photographs can be seen below:



The ULTRA ML 900 3D cookie depositor is a machine for industrial applications. For smaller business entities, such as hotels, small cafes, or small catering establishments which do not have a large production area, our small, single-headed ENIGMA M400 S 3D tabletop cookie depositor is an ideal solution. However, if the capacity of the ULTRA ML 900 3D cookie depositor is insufficient, please consider the MAGIC MB2S 3D confectionery machine. If the assortment offered by the MAGIC MB2S 3D  is insufficient, please consider the MAGIC MB4S 3D  which, in our opinion, is the queen amongst this type of machine.


* Cookie decoration by means of the ULTRA ML 900 3D cookie depositor is only possible in the second production cycle, after the application of the pump head, which is installed in place of the dough head. In this case, decorated cookies are made with the ULTRA ML 900 3D cookie depositor the following way:  In the first cycle, the ULTRA ML 900 3D cookie depositor extrudes the required shape of  cookie onto confectionery trays. These are then placed onto bakery carts, where they stay until the operator is ready to begin the second production cycle. To begin decorating cookies with jam, replace the dough head with the pump head. After selecting the appropriate program, the operator then loads the confectionery trays with the cookies produced in the first  cycle into the machine. After the parameters are set, the cookie depositor decorates the cookies. This is not really an effective way of producing decorated cookies on an industrial basis. If most of the proposed production is to be decorated cookies, the MAGIC MB 2S 3D confectionery machine is definitely better and gives more options, being equipped with the useful human hand imitation function. The MAGIC MB 2S 3D cookie machine makes it possible to produce decorated or filled cookies in a single production cycle!

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