Tabletop depositor - ENIGMA M400S 3D

The world's first confectionery device with such an extensive range of capabilities and, at the same time, intended for small confectionery enterprises, small food-and-beverage businesses, hotels, cafes, small restaurants, is already available!

Have you always dreamed about serving your customers cookies of your own production, but your facilities did not allow it, and you couldn't afford to employ a qualified confectioner? Thanks to ENIGMA, the leader among  global manufacturers of confectionery devices, these restrictions no longer apply to you  because ENIGMA has launched  a truly innovative tabletop automatic cookie depositor with the ability to imitate  human handicraft.  

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the ENIGMA M400S 3D, a small tabletop automatic cookie depositor makes small scale confectionery production possible without having large gastronomy facilities. It can operate on any work table, extruding cookies from all types of dough that are used by industrial confectionery machines. It is an ideal device for all those who want to offer a diversified, high quality product range without the need to produce cookies on a massive scale.

It is a ground-breaking innovation because, apart from the possibility of producing all standard cookies of various shapes, it makes it possible to form dough in 3D. Thanks to this unique function, it is possible for the cookie making machine to extrude products with the shape of a logo, geometrical figures, and with shapes which otherwise would require the hand of a skilled confectioner.

The ENIGMA M400S 3D machine is a single-head tabletop automatic cookie machine intended for the production of cookies, able to operate on any work surface. The versatility of the ENIGMA M400S 3D makes it possible (using a head with different technical parameters) to work with most kinds of dough from semi-liquid, short pastry, ductile, those with fillings,  choux pastry, meringue and sponge, to  soft gingerbread mixtures.

The ENIGMA M400S 3D is the first small tabletop automatic cookie depositor that can be equipped with a die for shutter cutting, which enables the making of cookies from dough that is difficult to handle, such as those with large pieces of almonds or  of chocolate!



bakery equipment shutter dough cutter for tabletop cookie depositor .png


Additionally, it is possible to make peas and beignet rolls (of various sizes), large, small eclairs and sponge cake bottoms. The machine is equipped with an additional function of "pneumatic wire-cutting ", which significantly increases the operational efficiency and expands the range of the products. Applying this unique solution eliminates the "bun" effect; cookies cut with a wire are formed perfectly evenly and placed on the tray (just as in a roller machine).

The 3D version machine has the unique ability to make graphic symbols, letters, geometric figures (triangles, ellipses, squares, zigzags) and many, many others. The applied design solutions and a very wide range of tips and extruding head dies result  in a simply unlimited number of cookie shapes.

The CNC motors used in the ENIGMA M400S 3D machine enable very precise control in the forming of cookies to the extent of imitating manual injection. This is very important in confectionery businesses that make their products by manual extrusion from a bag. Also, modern dough extrusion heads that do not damage the dough structure are used and they have also accelerated the machine's operational speed and  efficiency. Currently, it is the most precise and  fastest machine of its type in Europe, recommended by most confectionery production technologists.

Our ENIGMA M400S 3D machine has a safety control panel, along with  protection against activation by an unauthorized person. The ENIGMA M400S 3D machine is characterized by a high standard of esthetics, manufacture,  and the  conveniently designed electronic controls make its operation easy and pleasant. Its ergonomic structure makes it possible to disassemble the elements quickly and easily, to ensure the required cleanliness of the machine which is so essential in a food preparation environment. 

bakery equipment tabletop-cookie-depositor.png





300 kg

120 x 95 x 93 cm




In the production of our machines, we use proven and reliable materials from leading domestic and foreign companies, and we conform to the latest global trends in  industrial design and ergonomics.

The very high operational capacity of the ENIGMA M400S 3D machine and its low price result in the fact that our product is highly competitive with those of other producers in the European Union.


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* Note: Decorating with marmalade applied manually, or in the second cycle, after changing the head

bakery equipment B17.pngbakery equipment B19.png

* Note: Decorating with marmalade applied manually, or in the second cycle, after changing the head

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bakery equipment B15.png

* Note: Decorating with marmalade applied manually, or in the second cycle, after changing the head

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