The MAGIC MB 4S 3D is a four-head automatic cookie depositor. Owing to its unique and technologically advanced features and the capabilities that it offers to its operator, it can be easily  defined as the queen among confectionery machines. The MAGIC MB 4S 3D is one of our automatic cookie depositors that offers the possibility of working in both the standard and the human hand imitation modes. The MAGIC MB 4S 3D answers the requirements of our clients for whom  the ability  to make three- and four- color cookies using the human hand imitation function (the so-called 3D Mode) is vital with regard to  further development of their confectionery product lines.

The MAGIC MB 4S 3D can easily extrude cookies from short pastry, sponge cake dough, choux pastry, meringue dough, or soft gingerbread dough. In the standard mode, it offers the possibility  of making single-, two-, three- and four- color cookies **.




Below there is a photograph of a three- color cookie made by the combined head and the pump:

bakery equipment tri colour cookie .png

Below there is a photograph of a three-color cookie made by the combined head alone in the standard mode.

bakery equipment tri .png


Owing to the application of various nozzles, the MAGIC MB 4S 3D manufactures a very broad range of products, even while operating in its standard mode. Below are examples of some cookies within its range.

The MAGIC MB 4S 3D has, as standard equipment, one combined head which consists of 2 dough heads and one pump head plus another  pump head. It is possible to further equip the machine with an additional dough head. A very useful function of the MAGIC MB 4S 3D automatic cookie depositor  is the function that gives the operator full control over dosage from particular bins in the combined head. In this way, cookies extruded in the standard mode from one nozzle can be of various design. This can be seen in the following photo.


bakery equipment


The MAGIC MB 4S 3D comes with a standard  shutter dough cutter and  an additional table with a cookie flattening module. This allows  two-color cookies with filling, to be of perfect shape. Below there is a photograph of the kit for making both tasty visually attractive cookies. This is included in the  automatic cookie machine's basic equipment!

bakery equipment  MAGIC MB4S 3D_0.png


Furthermore, our MAGIC MB 4S 3D automatic cookie depositor is also equipped with a guillotine as standard which, combined with a suitable strip and nozzle, makes it possible to produce an additional assortment of cookies. Below there is a photograph of an example kit.

bakery equipment B33.png

Thanks to its highly advance technical features, the MAGIC MB 4S 3D can also operate as two independent devices like the MAGIC MB 2S 3D ***, extruding two different types of cookies at the same time. This function is very useful for customers who do not have a production area spacious enough for two confectionery machines. Our MAGIC MB 4S 3D actually functions as 3 machines. At times of high demand, it works as two completely independent machines producing double the number of cookies, or it may work as a four-head machine, making cookies different from all  other confectionery machines.


Like most automatic cookie machines, the MAGIC MB 4S 3D is equipped with a wire cutting  device installed on the combined head, thanks to  which, with the application of a suitable wire cutting strip, popular two-color cookies, often called "checkerboards", can be made.

Of course, both the wire cutter and the die in the shape presented below can be found in the machine's standard equipment.

bakery equipment.png

Below is a link to a video showing how the machine makes this very cookie:



The MAGIC MB 4S 3D automatic cookie machine is factory equipped with functions that allow for the imitation of a confectioner's handiwork. Our machine can emulate the work of a human hand due to  its operating in 3D. In 2016, our company was the first in the world to present a machine which can make cookies in the standard mode offered by other manufacturers of confectionery devices, and in 3D at the same time. This enables the production of 3 dimensional cookies, logo-shaped cookies, geometric-shaped cookies, as well as  shapes that are as customized and exceptional as each and every confectioner. Thanks to this new function, we have eliminated the limitations that occur in confectionery machines. Our machines are no longer  soulless extruders of a limited number of shapes; since 2016 they have been an extension of our clients’ hands, aiming to expand the range of their products.


The MAGIC MB4S 3D is equipped with a combined head which is capable of making three-color cookies. This head, applied in 3D operation, makes it possible to produce cookies which could not be produced commercially before. Below there is a photograph of example three-color cookies made in the 3D mode.


bakery equipment  tri colour cookies MAGIC MB4S 3D.png

A three-color cookie can be made with a single combined head and a pump head (when the three colors are not extruded at the same time), or with a single combined head alone (when the three colors are extruded simultaneously, the machine's operator controlling the proportion of each color). In order to make a three-color cookie by means of the combined head, the automatic cookie machine must be equipped with a specialized strip and nozzles suitable for  this.

If you would like to see the MAGIC MB 4S 3D in action, squeezing such "magical" products, please feel welcome to watch this video on Enigma's Youtube channel:

**A four-color cookie is made by using the head assembly, combined head, and an additional dough head. In order to make these, the combined head must be equipped with a specialized strip and nozzles for three-color cookies. The four dough colors are not extruded at the same time!!

*** While operating in the two-independent-machines mode, it should be remembered that both heads extrude cookies onto the same work table. Therefore, both heads must extrude cookies from the same group, e.g., if the combined head extrudes a long cookie, the other head can extrude a different one, but also of the long type.

The production possibilities of the MAGIC MB4S 3D automatic cookie machine are so numerous that it is difficult to present them all. The above description, we believe, covers its most important functions, however many clients configure our machines in such a surprising manner that even we are often surprised with the final effect in the form of a new type of cookie.

The MAGIC MB 4S 3D is so universal and exceptional, largely due to our customers, many of whom share their issues with us. Thanks to them, we have the distinction of participating in the creation of new confectionery trends. Even the smallest success of our clients makes us proud. Our machines operate in prestigious confectionery companies around the world and it is our aspiration to, one day, have the honour of seeing one of our machines operating in your confectionery.

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