Choosing the Ideal Cookie Depositor

Have you been looking for some tips as to how to choose the cookie depositor which is just right for your business needs? Here are a few for you. 
Purchasing any bakery equipment is never an easy job, and it's especially challenging when a cookie machine is the goal. Cookie machines are a uniquely special type of bakery equipment, because they are able to affect the ease, comfort, and versatility of production. They are a part and extension of the bakers themselves, of their imagination, creativity, dexterity, and productivity. Cookie depositors can be the critical factor in opening the door to great financial success. This type of bakery equipment, if selected  wisely, can be the faithful expression, and extension, of the baker's creative heart, soul, and passion. Moreover, it is important to remember that, because a cookie depositor is a machine, it is never moody or lazy, and never gets sick or needs a vacation. If you make a well-informed and appropriate choice, your cookie depositor can vastly increase your production potential. Perhaps you could use it to create a product so exceptional and compelling that it will help you rise above your competition.There is simply no easier or quicker way to extend the range and creative power of your production than with the right cookie depositor.
If you are reading this, you are probably already seriously considering a cookie machine, and that making such a purchase would be an important step in the right direction for your business. Or maybe you already own one of these amazing machines and need another - in which case you are in an advantageous position, because you have experience and knowledge of the subject, and know exactly what you're looking for, all the pros and cons, what features best suit your needs, etc.
If, however, you are indeed new to cookie machines, you first have to understand that, as with anything else, all the various models on the market have their strengths and weaknesses. Salespeople and advertisers generally talk only about the positive aspects of their product, and to an extent we can't blame them for this; it is precisely their job to sell the product, after all. Nonetheless, customers need to be informed about the product as a whole, including its drawbacks and weaknesses, and deserve to know what to expect from their purchase. They should never be put in the position of having to discover and deal with unexpected problems on their own.
So, if you are choosing your first cookie machine, it is very important that you take your time to familiarize yourself with all the options available to you. The very first step in the process is objectively analysing your own specific needs. Do not allow others to tell you what is best for you. Ask yourself why you need a cookie machine, what kind of cookies you want to produce, what kind of cookies the competition offers and why they are popular, etc. It could be that they are limited in their production by a poorly chosen piece of equipment, which would mean that the right choice by you would give you a clear advantage.  Also, you must consider employees, its affect on them,  who will operate the unit, whether and how many additional personnel will be needed, whether current employees will need to be replaced, etc. Once you have all the basic necessary information, start looking for a producer whose cookie machine fulfils all your requirements most completely. It is absolutely imperative that you consider the company's service policies, and costs, as well. Talk to as many companies as possible, in as much detail as possible. It is often during this stage of the process that you can distinguish those who will turn out to be helpful and advantageous business partners from those who will likely prove to be uncooperative or, at best, difficult to deal with. Educate yourself as to the proven durability, or lack thereof, of various machines. Compare service records and histories. Owning the most aesthetically beautiful piece of bakery equipment, which you got at an amazingly low price, will be absolutely worthless to you, and even a liability, if it can't handle the demands of commercial and industrial production. A broken machine does you no good whatsoever, which is why it is essential that the manufacturer provides prompt and comprehensive service which can have your cookie depositor up and running again as quickly as possible.
Think about the future. Choose a producer which will always be capable of assisting you and accommodating your needs as your business grows. For example, don't put yourself in a position in which, later on, once you have acheived success, you need a more advanced model than your original "dream machine" that your producer simply cannot provide. You don't want to have to start all over again and eventually be forced to go to another bakery equipment manufacturer altogether.
If you already know exactly what kind of cookie you would like to produce, make sure that the cookie machine you purchase is well-equipped and versatile. An example of a depositor which is not well-equipped is one which requires you to buy each and every available optional accessory just to be able to make the machine do what you need it to do. In other words, choose a cookie depositor which includes in its standard price all the equipment you need to produce the full range of your cookie products. Compare this purchase to that of a car: How would you react if a dealer told you the wheels were an option for which you would have to pay extra? As silly as this may sound, there are many cookie machines on the market whose base prices are for units which are not sufficiently equipped to perform even the basic tasks which the buyer requires, and the lack of this crucial equipment makes them about as useful as a car with no wheels. Talk to the salesperson about your needs, and define exactly what features and characteristics in a cookie depositor are as important to you as the wheels on a car. If a price includes more than you currently need, this is much better for you, as your machine will be more versatile to begin with; it is also an indication that the manufacturer has considered your future needs.
Enigma welcomes you to learn how our company can and will meet all your requirements in regards to all the issues mentioned above. If you do decide that we could very well be just the producer you have been looking for, please keep reading, because we have many valuable tips for you in your search for the right cookie depositor. Of course, if for any reason you have any questions, issues, or objections regarding us or any of our distributors, please let us know, as your opinion is extremely important to us.
When you have just started a business and you are about to begin cookie production, you don't immediately go out and buy the top model on the market. You should start with something like a tabletop cookie depositor - for example, the ERYKA M400S 3D - or with a single-headed cookie machine, such as the ULTRA ML 900 3D. Choosing one or the other should depend on your budget and available work space. Both Enigma machines are very well-equipped as standard.
If you already produce cookies manually, decide which cookie types and what quantity you would like to produce with your depositor. Very often, in cases like these, bakers opt for a single-headed machine like the ULTRA ML 900 3D, or a double-headed model such as the MAGIC MB 2S 3D. Bakers who intend to produce spritz cookies, drop cookies, and single-coloured cookies at a much faster rate tend to choose the ULTRA ML 900 3D. When the goal is the production of double-coloured cookies, filled cookies, or decorated cookies, the MAGIC MB 2S 3D is the preferred choice.
When customers already have any type of cookie machine, they very rarely choose a single-headed machine; this group generally consider one with either 2 or 4 heads. If the objective is simply to double the production of one single-head cookie depositor, then the decision is easy to make: The best model in this case is the MAGIC MB 2S 3D, which will not only double the rate of production but also introduce the ability to produce double-coloured cookies in one production cycle, single-coloured and filled cookies, single-coloured and decorated cookies, and, by fitting this machine with an optional shutter dough cutter, cookies with large chocolate chips, almonds, and other relatively large particulates.
The quadruple-headed MAGIC MB 4S 3D is our most versatile and powerful cookie machine. The MAGIC MB 4S 3D is chosen mostly by clients who intend to create tri-coloured cookies, double-coloured and filled cookies, or double-coloured cookies whose colours are interfused with each other, yielding some spectacular results. This machine is for those who need more than what a double-headed unit has to offer.
Below is a cookie machine comparison chart which may be quite useful for you in the process of deciding which depositor is best for you. If you would like to see our various machines in action, squeezing cookies from each listed group of cookies, please click on the group name below.
Drop cookies
Rotary drop single-colored cookies

Drop rotary & non-rotary decorated cookies (in one cycle)


Head for dough handles meringue
Single-colored filled cookies
Double-colored filled cookies
Rotary & non-rotary drop double-colored cookies (colors can permeate each other)
Rotary & non-rotary double-colored decorated cookies
Multi-level cookies
Wire-cut cookies
Drop tri-colored cookies
Single-colored 3D cookies
Tri-colored 3D cookies
Chocolate-chip cookies with big pieces of chocolate
Chocolate-chip cookies with small pieces of chocolate